Ultimate Voice Builder Empowering people

DVD Ultimate Voice Builder by Gary Catona's
DVD Ultimate Voice Builder by Gary Catona's

Ultimate voice builder by Gary Catona's

used by World’s Greatest Singers, Actors, Entertainers, & Public Speakers

The unique Catona Voice Building system:

  • Builds amazing power, resonance, range, endurance and control into the voice.
    Is a revolutionary method that enables anyone to build or improve his or her signing and speaking voice.

  • Stretches vocal range. Shirley MacLaine stretched from 1 ½ octave to 2 ½ under Catona’s tutelage, as mentioned in her latest book ‘’Dance While You Can’’.

  • Contrasts sharply with traditional voice coaching techniques. The UVB technique focusses on strengthening vocal cords, the muscles that affect them and the throat. Catona teaches there is no need to sing from the diaphragm, no reason to pamper the vocal cords. Just like bodybuilders pump iron, vocalists flex vocal cords, says Catona who considers signers athletes and signing a strenuous sport. As Catona puts it: ‘’Behind the Great Voice Is the Muscular Voice’’.

  • Provides an efficient alternative to traditional vocal rehabilitation. Voice disorders affect 7.5 million people in the US. With the unique UVB technique, surgery and other invasive techniques are often rendered unnecessary. Catona has worked with many voices damaged by accident, injury, surgery or illness and established his reputation by repairing speaking voices, including actor Jack Klugman’s, ravaged by cancer,  Muhammed Ali’s, affected by Parkinson’s, as well as Johnny Bush and Michael Wilmington affected by spasmodic dysphonia. He also restored the voice of NPR talk show host Diane Rehm,  Dick Clark, Casey Kasem, Larry David, Tyra Banks and jazz guitarist Larry Carlton, whose vocal cord was shattered by random gunfire.

  • Timeless technique at a tiny fraction of the cost. One 40 minute lesson with Gary will cost $600. The full technique is now available on DVD for a few dollars, and it will last a life time!

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