Teaching tolerance, fairness and respect

Sunny le chien magique
Sunny le chien magique

Sunny le chien magique

In a magical world rich with illustrations, this book tells the story of a little boy named Thomas who meets Sunny, a magical dog!

Sunny will help Thomas understand the importance of self-acceptance and love and realize how each one of us is unique and important, in spite of our differences. Children learn self-respect and how to respect others. Together Sunny and Thomas help other children overcome their problems, their fears and differences.

This is a 44 page book which also includes a CD which narrates the story and has 4 songs.

Who are these two authors?

Being both, friends and moms, Josée Vachon and Lyne Baril decided to merge their talents to realize their dream, creating a children's book.

Four years later, Sunny the magic dog off to the rescue of a different child, is born. During the process of creating this book, they created their own publishing house, “Éditions JO-LY”. Above all, both moms wanted to teach their children that one should always have goals, follow their dreams and believe in themselves.  

Proof that nothing is impossible!

(Available in french only)