Successful International Launch of the Ultimate Voice Builder

It was a roaring liftoff to international destinations last Friday, March 11th, 2016 at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills Los Angeles. Maestro Gary Catona and A&B Distribution were very proud to present to the world the Ultimate Voice Builder, now available through Stream access in 7 different languages to Singers and speakers worldwide.

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A&B co-produced "My Voice Matters"

The A&B team is proud to have co-produced the '' My Voice Matters '' @Google Talk, panel discussion on gender equality.

Organized to raise awareness on female empowerment and gender equality, “we united 5 officials from prestigious women’s rights organizations; Aimee Mullins, Hala Kazim, Melissa Goodman, Oisika Chakrabarti, Arlette Nkurayija along with the Maestro Gary Catona, to join forces and help elevate global conversation.

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